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Arcadian Senior Living

Arcadian Senior Living is an independent senior living facility create by myself and my partners (Mayra Moreno, and Gabriella Estrakh) to house up to 16 individuals. The facility is designed around the concept of Surrealism. Applying the philosophy of Surrealism through the elements of re-determining the human experience in social, cultural and political units. It is to unlock the unconscious imagination. Surrealism is in partnership with Freud’s free association techniques- we as the perceiver of world can drive our journey of self-discovery. The driving point of self discovery can be magnified through the collaboration of those who are within the same realm as one’s self. The unity between- bringing people together and allowing the connection to unfold- can create a strong sense of safety and security. The path of self-discovery and imagination is never-ending. It is stimulating, convoluted and tiresome, yet weariness subsides when someone is right by your side, facing the same obstacle.

As people begin to age their independence weakens due to both external and internal circumstances whether that be dementia, fragility, or other health issues. Our design goal was to design a space where a person approaching this older bracket of age may continue to build self-awareness in a safe and engaging way and to provoke thought or wisdom keeping their minds from entering a lethargic state.


Senior Living Home


Manhattan, NY


Mid 2019

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