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The Future is Foraged

In a future of scarcity, how will humankind find food, water, shelter, and connection? The Future is Foraged considers different possibilities of foraging beyond picking mushrooms and daisies. The inaugural group exhibition of the 2019 UC Davis Design MFA cohort invites the Davis community and beyond to explore ‘foraging’ with us in a series of speculative multimedia design projects. 

Whether the future holds a life of scarcity or prosperity, two of the most important components of survival for humankind is access to shelter and water. The shelter designs allow for the creation of a structure to protect one from the elements and provide a place to live using locally found materials. The tree water collection tools provides water in an emergency to help people survive without causing harm to the environment or it’s host. 

The life-sized model is designed to show the construction of the shelter using the universal 3D printed connectors, bamboo, and a recycled tarp. This model additionally serves as a visual representation of how the shelter has a rainwater collection component. The shelter renderings depict three ideal designs of shelters incorporating available materials such as bamboo, tarps, bungee cords and 3D printed connectors. These materials can create varying types of shelters that can be applied to various Public Land areas with additional essential items.




Davis, CA


December 2019

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