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The Atlas

With the increasing frequency and catastrophic impacts of natural disasters, there’s a pressing need for the United States to adapt disaster relief plans to this new reality. The usual government led emergency protocols are inadequate in dealing with the recurring threat of wildfires and earthquakes in the West, hurricanes in the East, and pandemics worldwide. Due to the developing threats, current US government efforts are unable to provide an adequate amount of relief and recovery resources to communities at risk and in the path of natural disasters. The Atlas is a speculative prototype for the conversion of deserted or retired cruise ships into places of refuge serving the victims of natural disasters along both coasts. With the abundance of stranded cruise ships continue to burn fossil fuels while floating within the ocean, due to company debt or oldness, this proposal aims to convert these abandoned vessels into a mixed use facilities. The design of these converted ships into areas of protection during a time of crisis or evacuation will allow for an abundance of medical services, flexible open social spaces, and hybrid of communal living spaces invoking community engagement while maintaining safety and comfort to its users.


Cruise Ship Reuse


United States


Speculative Prototype

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