MFA Thesis Progress

Sea-level rise and extreme weather like hurricanes, flooding, and cyclones are major events occurring within the world as a result of climate change that are causing severe damage to coastal shorelines. Societies around the world are directly contributing to climate change and  the harmful consequences that are putting roughly half of the world’s populations living on coastal communities at risk. Mangroves and coral reefs act as Earth’s natural defenses to these effects by providing protection to coastal shorelines, but are presently unable to evolve or adapt fast enough to tolerate these events or provide adequate shoreline protection. How is the world working to address these concerns? What are designers doing to create a resilient shoreline to protect ecosystems and coastal communities? How are these designs assisting coastal residents with storm mitigation during extreme weather events? How is the American government tackling the issues with rising sea levels, extreme weather, and additional coastal storm management? How these decisions affecting future developments coastal communities? This project aims to answer these questions by proposing a mixed use facility as an economic alternative to providing a safer area of refuge and protection to Manhattan’s coastal areas.Through the use of open social spaces will act as a place of refuge or protection during a time of crisis or evacuation while providing community engagement, and entertainment to its users. This speculative design will act as a proposal to providing protection to Manhattan’s coastal areas in a more efficient economical process.