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The Sprout Center

Sprout is an alcohol rehabilitation and transition center located in the former hat factory in Beacon, New York. Four of the buildings on the site will be restored and former location of the fifth building will serve as a garden area for the space. The complex will help those who suffer from Alcoholism and their families to heal while aiming for lifelong sobriety. 

The nature encompassing the facility allows patients to feel the healing power of nature within the facility and upon its grounds. Natural elements that the facility mimics is water, flowers, and trees. The design behind the facility derives from the lotus plant. Lotuses are known to grow in the murkiest waters and rise above the water to bloom. This plant became a symbol for the facility by relating to one's recovery from alcoholism. Because sobriety is a lifelong commitment, each section of the lotus is seen throughout the design and programming of the activity areas. The roots symbolize the cause or "root" of the resident's addiction. The stem represents the support or structure that can be offered within the facility or outside the facility. The blossom or petals represent who the person will be post-rehabilitation. 


Rehabilitation Center


Beacon, NY


May 2018

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